Articles, suggestions and Feedback required
Date: Monday, July 07, 2003 @ 08:30:08 BST
Author: audioc
Topic: Website

OK, we are asking our website users, club members & visitors for articles on Audi ownership. These are for the club's newsletter, Audience, for this website, and potentially for a new magazine that will be launched in the Autumn. The magazine will be UK based, called Total Audi, and promises to be the magazine that ALL Audi owners have been waiting for;- it promises to be "for the masses", not an attempt to emulate Audi UK's own magazine... not just for those Audi owners that have sworn allegience to the marque (until they get their next repo-mobile or fashion dictates something else); it also promises to supply something for the rest of us die-hard fans.
Contact us for details on submitting articles for the newsletter and the website, (look in the forums HERE)

As for the magazine launch, we will post more details once we have it:- we've needed a genuine Audi magazine for years. (And before you ask, as far as we're concerned, there currently isn't one....)

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