www.audifans.net is one year old!
Date: Thursday, January 29, 2004 @ 16:16:48 GMT
Author: audioc
Topic: Website

so, www.audifans.net is one year old!

In one year, so much has been achived;
UK based Audi portal
unbiased technical help
Friendly forums (nearly 13,000 posts!)
Latest Audi related news
Most concise information on Audisport activities
Supported by the Audi Owners Club
One Stop source for Audi memorabilia
Users Audi based Galleries
and much more.......

In one year, the site has not forced registration to read content
1528 ACTIVE registered users
1.2MILLION page views!
The site is brought to you by the founders of the Audi Owners Club. Most noteably:

Andy Bowskill: site owner/ webmaster
Owen Pritchard: news manager, motorsport manager
Mike Dewar: Technical Help
Also thanks to:

Pembo:- For putting a quattro BACK where it belongs- in Rallying
Steve B: for co-founding the club and offering help with the UR quattro
Leon: for expert photo's
Locomotion: for being the highest poster
Jay @ www.webd247.com for the hosting!

and, of course YOU for visiting the site and making it what it is!

You're one stop, Audi shop!
REMEMBER:If it ain't got 4 rings, we ain't interested!

Here's to the next year or TEN!

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