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Audi related: Lifestyle Campaign with the Audi A2 colour.storm

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2003 @ 07:31:02 GMT by audioc

Cheerful colours bring a fresh breeze to the compact class
· Misano red, Imola yellow and Sprint blue paint finishes and matt black external fittings can be ordered for the A2 from mid-March onwards
14 campaign cars at events held during the A2 colour.storm tour
· Audi’s new concept is aimed at increasing the A2’s appeal to younger customer groups
The storm that Audi is blowing up for its A2 model is – a colour storm!
During the year, a cheerful, colourful high-value version of this compact aluminium car, which has already won many design and innovation awards, will be added to the sales programme: the A2 colour-storm.
Together with new design elements, the sporting character of the Audi A2 and its appeal to the modern city-dweller will be emphasised still more. It is a weight-optimised, fast, low-consumption mode of lifestyle transport that will appeal to younger buyers in particular.
The A2 colour.storm can be ordered from mid-March onwards. The market launch is scheduled for the end of May.
The paint finishes Misano red, Imola yellow and Sprint blue will then be available, with the roof, outside mirrors, wheel arches, side rubbing strips, service module flap and bumper strips in contrasting matt black. The extra charge for the A2 colour.storm equipment in combination with the Advance equipment and trim package is 330 Euro. The A2 colour.storm can be obtained with all engine options except the A2 1.2 TDI. To match the new exterior paint finishes, the customer can optionally order the seat upholstery in red, yellow or blue.
“It’s the colour of a car in particular that conveys its lifestyle character. A striking colour scheme is associated with attributes such as ‘dynamic’, ‘youthful’ and ‘wild’ – and has a high recollection value!” says Gerhard Pfefferle, Head of Design at AUDI AG.
The matt black plastic trim items listed above also change the A2 colour.storm’s outward appearance. They are similar to those featured on the Audi allroad quattro and give this compact model something of the same ‘off-road’ character. Design chief Pfefferle comments: “The A2’s strength comes out better; it looks more rugged and also more agile. The fresh new colours communicate the car’s ease of handling and give it the genes of an exciting, sporty lifestyle car. We have given the A2 a further dose of self-assurance.”
The A2 colour.storm team chose the latest and most powerful car in the A2 model range as a technical basis: the Audi A2 1.6 FSI with direct petrol injection, an output of 110 bhp and a top speed of 202 kilometres an hour. This engine’s power reaches the road via either 16- or 17-inch cast aluminium wheels of 6-arm or 9-spoke design.
The lifestyle campaign concept was presented during the winter months at selected events, using 14 campaign cars in bright, cheerful colours, which travelled the country as the ‘A2 colour.storm tour’. The colour storm created by Audi’s smallest model is scheduled to break out at top sports events and in city-centre settings, for instance the “Long Night of the Museums” in Berlin on February 1. The A2 colour.storm cars are also to be seen at the ‘digital photo evening’ event in the Audi Forum, Berlin, as “” models. The A2 colour.storm campaign cars’ paint finishes, Misano red, Imola yellow, Papaya orange and Almond beige, bring a bold splash of colour to the grey sadness of winter.
During the tour, the campaign cars will be presented by Audi’s partner, ice-skating star Claudia Pechstein, Germany’s most successful Winter Olympics athlete. Special comic-style campaign motifs have been prepared to draw attention to this project. For the first time, Audi’s advertising is using illustrations that recall the style of the 1960s and 1970s, and take up the theme of the A2 colour.storm and the car’s paint schemes in an extremely amusing manner.
The next A2 colour.storm tour dates Berlin, February 1: As part of the ‘Long Night of the Museums’, several A2 colour.storm cars will be on display in the Audi Forum, Berlin, as subject-matter for the digital photo event entitled “”.
Hamburg, February 14 – 16: In the big North German city on the Alster, an intriguing SMS campaign is being run in connection with the A2 colour.storm. Campaign cars will be parked in front of selected ‘in’ cafés and bars.
Munich, March 8: When the local soccer club FC Bayern München plays Bayer Leverkusen at home, the A2 colour.storm will be on display in Munich’s Olympic Stadium.
We've no news if the cars will be available to buy in this specification in the UK yet. Pictures available Here
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