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Motorsport: Audi Coupe Quattro tackles roughest and best Road Rally

Posted on Wednesday, January 07, 2004 @ 16:48:07 GMT by audioc
andyp writes 

Saturday 6th-Sunday 7th December, saw Andy Phillips and Alan "Pembo" Pemberton tackle the best and toughest Road Rally ever !"The PRESTON" based near Thetforsd and run by Chelmsford MC.
The event runs in aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance and starts from its headquartters near Mildenhall... covering over 200 miles the rally takes in 17 sections covering over 140 of the most roughest toughest competative miles you would ever have the pleasure of driving over... most of which are on private land.
Two weeks prior to the event I thought the Audi was not going to make it due to a electrical fault caused by the imobiliser (but more of that later) and an engine that was running rough... a phone call to TIM COOPER of CENTRAL VW AUDI (Ellesmere Port N/WEST) the Audi was booked in and sorted out... what a differance it makes when you take your car to somebody who knows thier stuff... (Tim also put the 20v Turbo engine into the Pembo's Quattro Rally car) with the Audi running better than ever and with a few Safari Rally type extras the Audi was ready... I had been pre-warned about how rough this event was, but I was not prepared for the sheer pace of the event and bottomless potholes which claimed at least three other competitors... the sections were fast and furious due to the dry weather, the usual large pond like exspanses of water were now just large unforgiving holes which over the course of the event took thier toll on the Audi... Alan and I were rearly enjoying the event and setting some good times... we were lying 8th overall after the second time card but due to two punctures and the reoccurance of the electrical fault which meant we lost all lights and power, plunging us into darkness at 60-70mph whilst driving down a track no larger than your average footpath (not plesant). At the end of the rally we found we had finnished 13th overall and 1st semi expert... a cracking event and one to remember... I think I will attempt it in a Sherman Tank next year, or the Audi with a few more Safari Rally type Mods... post event damage... Two punctures, electrical fault, cracked windscreen (has anyone got a replacement?), cracked spot lamp, two blown Bilstien front shocks (gained after the second puncture, whilst half way through a long section of rough and fast forest) not bad considering three other cars were written of with twisted/broken body shells etc... just goes to show how tough Audi's can be!!! regards Andy P.

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