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Luxurious and secure: Three awards for the Audi A8

Posted on Tuesday, August 09, 2005 @ 20:12:46 BST by audioc

The Audi A8 has picked up three new awards: in the USA it was voted Best Luxury Car by the readers of AutoWeek. The British magazine Auto Express also named the Audi A8 Luxury Car of the Year. And the British vehicle security institute Thatcham voted the Audi A8 the most secure car in its class in terms of theft and break-in protection.In the poll organised by the US magazine AutoWeek, the Audi A8 came out on top again, just as it had done in the previous year. In particular the magazine praised the car's world-class finish, high quality and quattro permanent four-wheel drive which makes it a safe car to drive whatever the weather. "The more we drive the A8, the more we wonder why anyone would pick another luxury car," says AutoWeek.

In the Auto Express poll, too, the Audi A8 was able to repeat last year's success, winning through against the competition. The magazine was particularly impressed with the car's superb engine range, driving pleasure and agility, design and build quality. The Audi A8 picked up further points with its MMI operating system which, according to Auto Express, is easier to operate than the systems offered by its two main rivals. For customers looking to combine understatement with a luxurious driving experience, the Audi A8 is unbeatable.

Its security is also considered outstanding: The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre at Thatcham, one of the leading European vehicle security institutes, praises the Audi A8's theft and break-in protection. The saloon was awarded five out of a possible five stars for both "theft of" and "theft from" security. This makes the Audi A8 the best car in the luxury class. The luxury saloon owes this excellent result to its security equipment, including its alarm system and safety glass for maximum break-in protection.

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