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S2 Buyers Guide.

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 @ 13:45:08 GMT by audioc

S2 Buyers Guide.

This guide was first published in the Audi Owners Club newsletter, Audience, back in 2000. Details have changed slightly, BUT there is a support forum for the S2 here on
Click "read More" to see the full article... early S2 Coupe1st S2's came out in March 1991 on H plates.
All had 220bhp engine code 3B with 5 sp g'box. 5 spoke Avus alloys with 205/55 ZR16 tyres - spare should be same size and type.
Change happened in Sept/Oct 92 timeframe.

230 bhp engine ABY with 6sp g'box. 6 spoke Avus alloys with same tyre size as above.
There are some K-plate with 5 speed but most are 6.
later S2 Coupe Avants appeared in late 1993 and are all 6 speed.
S2 Engine bayAs the cars progressed they generally had more and more equipment. Typical spec types appear to be standard and SE. SE usually includes wood,leather and aircon whereas standard has carbon fibre, black cloth and sunroof. Some cars have both aircon and sunroof. I think all models had computer and outside temperature sensor.

All tyres should be same type and tread. Check for usual alignment faults. They should last 20-25k depending on tyre type and driven style.

front side view- Avant Make sure diff lock works and abs cancel should also work. Later models did not have abs cancel.
Other known faults on these cars are as follows:
They are very heavy on top strut mounts and suspension parts particuarly at the front. The 5 cylinder turbo engine is very heavy.
Check for play in steering and knocking noises.
While I mention the steering, all early models at Bosch servotronic assistance. It made the steering very light with poor feedback. The good news is that it can be disconnected at the pump.
engine cut away- colour Early ones have twin catalysts which can be replaced with bypass pipes.
The exhaust should be good for 100-120k
All models have headlight washers - front indicators should be orange - later ones (around 1994) changed to clear ala RS2 as well as changing to projector type headlights.
Early models had annoying tailgate rattle. Lock can be adjusted to stop rattle but will need readjustment every 6-8 weeks.
Coupe interior My old L-reg did not have this problem - instead it leaked water over the rear light clusters.
Get someone to check all rear light clusters operate correctly - there should be no disco light effects.
Speedo - can stop working altogether. Very expensive to replace and very difficult to get replacement parts
Temperature gauge / thermostat. temperature gauge should sit in the middle (just below 90) all the time. If it's intermittent this is the switch at the bottom of the radiator or the sender. If the gauge is low at high speed this is your thermostat.
If you get autocheck warnings for water this might be the radiator or thermostat.
Brake warnings - when started from cold, you may get an autocheck warning telling you there is low brake pressure. This is caused by the brake pressure accumulator. This is not something to be too concerned about unless it happens when driving.
colour cut away Heated electric mirrors - elements have a habit of failing due to them being on all the time.
Outside temperature sensor - located behind front bumper therefore gets lots of abuse from weather. Can also fail. Again this is expensive to replace
Make sure steering wheel is 3 spoke Audi sport variety.
Gearbox - 5sp and early 6sp have been known to fail. Listen for noisy teeth when pulling away in 1st and watch synchromesh in 2nd and 3rd. These gears get most abuse in 5 speed versions. Also check 4th in a 6 speed.
There has been posts on the S-cars website list about leaking fuel lines in the engine bay - I'm not sure if this applies to the S2 but it's worthwhile checking. There will be a strong smell of fuel upon starting the car from cold. The leak can be found where the hard line and braided steel line join, aft of the fuel filter on the driver side of the car. This is very close to the turbo - hence a potential fire hazard.
black and white cut away Brakes - the brakes are not up to the job. They are the same as fitted to the ordinary (?) Coupe . Check for warped/worn discs. The chances are you will need to replace discs and pads every time pads wear out.
Rear calipers seizing - usually a poor handbrake. A general Audi problem not restricted to S2s. Caused by the car not being driven hard enough to exercise the rear brakes.

The following are just general comments which apply to most cars:
Colour choice was limited on early cars-
Pearl white, Lazer red, panther black, volcano black, ming blue, silver, platinum grey,emerald green and forest green.
Check for accident damage and under bonnet repairs. If any signs of an accident at all - I would walk away. The chances are it's been a big one.
Do not buy without history. If in any doubt walk away.
Insurance is group 20+. CAT 1 alarm/immobilser is almost mandatory.
As a guide I paid 470 last July for fully comp. I have 7 years no claims and no accidents.
MPG varies from 15 (urban) - 25 (motorway).
Check for white smoke (possibly a worn turbo).
As you can see there are huge variations and the individual car is more important than age/mileage.
Remember typical parts prices from VAG are:

Cylinder head 2.5k
Gearbox 4k
ECU 1.5k
Exhaust - 0.8k
ALL discs/pads/calipers 2k
Don't let any of the above put you off. They are fantastic cars and are generally very reliable. The only thing I have had to replace is front discs and pads and I have had mine for 1 year. Last MOT cost me 10 pounds.
Hope this is of help. Good luck with your search.

Mike Dewar
Some sites worthy of looking at: replacement GENUINE parts
S246parts.comAftermarket / upgraded parts
Audi Owners Club- can arrange Agreed Valuation Certificate for Insurance Purposes

Mike's S2 dedicated website

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