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Nobody produces a UK manual for the Audi 80

Posted on Thursday, April 03, 2003 @ 07:08:46 BST by audioc

Audi 80 Workshop Manual | Audi Coupe Workshop Manual | Audi 80 Avant Workshop Manual | Audi 80 Estate Workshop Manual | Audi Cabriolet Workshop Manual

Haynes do not produce a workshop manual for the UK based Audi 80, (type B4, series 4 produced 1991~1996 approx) to cover the saloon, the Avant (Estate), the Coupe and the Cabriolet.
We ask:- if Haynes were to produce the manual, would you buy it?

Your vote counts!

Options to owners include German manuals (can you read technical German?) or the rather good Robert Bentley Manuals (only for American Spec models, and only for the V engines..) (available through this site, from the Audi Owners Club, etc.) Other information available includes the limited stuff in the articles section at and using the earlier series 80'. (type 89, series 3) manual to fill the gap..
Obviously Haynes would not cover the quattro (do they ever?) and they think there is no market for this manual. We want to prove them otherwise....

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