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Motorsport: Not heard from Pembo for a while?

Posted on Friday, June 16, 2006 @ 10:29:00 BST by audioc

Well, he's been VERY quiet the last few months;
He's alive and well, and has started work on the rally car again.......

"Just waiting for aluminium flywheel from America, Aluminium front pulley from Canada and clutch from Northants to rebuild the rally car. then its exhaust downpipe and remap. (plenty of power!) The car will have Ported and polished head with ARP stud and nut conversion and Multi layer steel head gasket, bespoke Piper cams (reprofiled 7As), tubular exhaust manifold, ports polished on inlet manifold, bosch green injectors, competition paddle clutch, bigger radiator, bigger oil cooler, competition engine, gearbox and diff mounts. Running 304mm and 4 pots callipers but looking at 330mm and 6 pots. Hydraulic handbrake being fitted this time too. The car has to still have standard K24 turbo with 34mm restrictor and standard intercooler but thinking of fitting some water jets to aid intercooler cooling."


We'll keep you posted.....

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