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UKTV Car of the Year 2007

Posted on Monday, December 03, 2007 @ 19:19:00 GMT by audioc

UKTV viewers voted for the Audi R8 to make it UKTV Car of the Year 2007. The R8 had competition from the likes of Aston martin and Mercedes McLaren but not only saw them off in the Sports category but won the overall Car of the Year!Audi\'s first stab at a supercar plunges right to the heart of the Porsche 911. Powered by a 414bhp V8 pinched from the RS4 and fitted behind the driver.

Strengths: A supercar to commute in. It\'ll growl, bite, fight and exhilarate as supercars should, but can comfortably potter too. Divisive looks at least won\'t bore, and the cabin is a masterpiece.

Weaknesses: If won\'t be anything like 76k post option splurge, but at least the balky and expensive R-tronic auto gearbox won\'t be on that list. Even if you wanted one you can\'t have it - Audi has sold out for months.

Model: R8
Price: 76,825
0-62mph: 4.6secs
Top speed: 187mph
Engine: 4.2 V8 petrol
Power: 414bhp
Torque: 317lb ft
Average mpg: 20.7
CO2: 349g/km
Tax Band: G

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