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Posted on Wednesday, May 07, 2003 @ 08:15:11 BST by audioc

OK, so if you haven't seen the video, you ought to..... it's a load of Audi "firsts"- the billboards back this up.....
140 locations transformed by Britain’s biggest ever outdoor advertising campaign

Britain’s landscape is being transformed this month by vast outdoor advertisements - some up to 132 metres in length - which have literally ‘wrapped’ 80 landmark buildings across the nation to mark the May 1st launch of the new Audi A8 luxury saloon. A further 63 poster sites bring the total to more than 140 UK locations.

As part of the biggest outdoor campaign ever staged in the UK for a single period, numerous well-known buildings, such as Fort Dunlop near Birmingham, have been enveloped in one of the largest advertisements ever seen in this country. At the same time, poster sites will showcase large 96-sheet posters carrying the same message.

Created by London-based advertising agency BBH, the intensive five-week campaign is the largest ever mounted by Audi UK, and the brand’s first to move away from the more traditional television-only campaigns for major car launches.

Its aim is to capture the unique essence of the new Audi A8, highlighting its combination of sporting appeal and absolute luxury, and focusing on its unique aluminium space frame body shell construction. Equally importantly, it will portray the A8 as the embodiment of ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ - the familiar Audi brand defining phrase that is set to be used more widely in Audi UK publicity.

Commenting on the major new campaign, Gary Savage, Audi UK’s head of marketing, said: “The new A8 is crucially important because it is the Audi brand defining model, and because it is our range flagship. We had to secure big exposure for our biggest ever car launch, and the scale of our outdoor campaign gives us the blanket UK coverage that is vital to achieving that aim. The building wraps, in particular, will leave British consumers in no doubt that the new A8 quattro has certainly arrived”.

The ‘building wraps’ are further underpinned by national television and cinema commercials as well as press advertising. The unique commercials describe Audi’s technological firsts - it was the first car maker to break the 250mph road record (1937) and the first brand to introduce a permanent four-wheel drive rally car (1980), among many other achievements. The commercial finishes with the new A8 and the end line: “First after First after First”.

Press ads extol the many virtues of the A8, including its pioneering light weight but strong all aluminium body shell and its innovative finger print recognition system. This allows personal settings for the driver’s seat, steering column, door mirrors, interior temperature and radio to be stored and memorised for up to four driver’s ideal preferences.

Specially commissioned displays of the A8 on a bed of nails and champagne flutes will be prominently located in seven railway stations and two airports across the UK. These displays convey the benefits of the A8’s special ‘PAX’ run-flat tyres, which allow the car to be driven 125 miles at speeds up to 50mph in the event of sudden tyre pressure loss, and also emphasise the car’s weight savings as a result of construction in aluminium.

Additionally, a ‘New A8’ exhibition that is free to the public will take pride of place at the Audi Forum, Piccadilly in Central London until the 13 June. Visitors to Audi’s prestigious, high-tech flagship site will gain an insight into the history of ‘Audi Firsts’ in technology and sport, and will be free to experience the ‘pure luxury’ offered by the A8. One of the key advances of the A8’s innovative design - the car’s on-board Multi Media Interface - will also be available for trial. This easy to use system provides access to an impressive array of in-car features, such as TV, radio, CD, DVD navigation, adaptive suspension settings and the Internet.

The new Audi A8 is available from May 1st with 3.7-litre and 4.2-litre V8 petrol engines delivering 280PS and 335PS and priced from £51,050 to £54,980. Later this year a 4.0-litre V8 TDI diesel engine with 275PS - the first diesel unit ever to power a right-hand-drive A8 - will join the range.

From the Audi UK Website, for a preview, click HERE

Firsts TV Ad (High Bandwidth | Low Bandwidth)

Audi A8 Exhibition

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