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Motorsport: Something For The Weekend?

Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 @ 18:14:30 BST by audioc

OK, so PEMBO(that's him, left) is gonna be taking his Audi Coupe quattro 20 valve Rally car out for a bit of a competitive "outing" at the weekend.

If you are not aware, the car is a Dave Askem special, prepared by Dave in his "spare" time (not bad for a man from the AA!)

This was not Dave's first attempt at producing Rally car's, particularly Audi's. It is, though, possibly one of his finest and more sorted out of the bunch- spec list is huge, but it's basically a series 3 Coupe quattro 20 valve, seriously lightened, home made coil overs, and lots of tweaks. The car is very, VERY quick!

If you think Pembo looks familiar, and that you have seen him before, this is very possible. As well as organising Club events in the North West, oh, and he was that bloke on the Men & Motors (with the car) TV programme screened this week. (Anybody copy it?)

Screening Times For The Programme:
May 22 at 16.30
May 25 at 21.30
May 26 at 16.30
(Click HERE to see the details)

Pembo is the third/ fourth Club member to own the car :- Dave was the Second, then it was used (in it's current form) by Swedish Club member Mickael (there lies a story) as a daily driver in London (!) and Pembo was chomping at the bit as soon as he heard it was for sale.

A bit of prep work later, and it's ready for it's first Northern outing. The Venue is Anglesey on Saturday and Sunday, the club does not have a "stand" or display there, but the man himself, his car, and his entourage are more than enough!

For more details on the Rally itself, visit HERE

To go to the forum dedicated to Club level motorsport, click HERE

For Pembo's Online Photo Gallery, Click HERE

And for the events forum, and details from Pembo click HERE

For more details/ spec of the car, click the "read more" below

Sponsored By:
Audi Owners Club
Smith Knight Fay- Audi Dealers (Manchester)
Barclay's Signs
High Peak 061 Motor Club
....and of course, us!

Audi 20v Coupe quattro

This Stage Rally car has been converted from a 1989 standard road car. It was modified in July 2002 by David Askem, an Avid Audi nut from the South, who has had many years experience of building early Audi quattro rally cars. I acquired the car in early 2003 after a London Businessman had used the car for his everyday transport for a few months!

Modification include

· Fully stripped out interior
· FIA approved roll cage
· Plumbed in fire extinguisher
· Competition seats
· 3” safety belt harnesses
· Modified suspension with 500lb 2˝ inch coil over springs
· Aluminium suspension and sub frame bushes
· Twin pot callipers with cross drilled front brake discs with cool air ducting
· Dual cone air filter induction kit · Re-programmed fuel and ignition system
· Twin box straight through exhaust system
· Rally distance and speed computer

The engine is 2309cc 5 cylinder 20 valve (none turbo) Audi 7A power plant and the power output has been increased to approximately 200bhp The transmission is permanent four wheel drive utilising the ‘quattro’ system which revolutionised the world of rallying in the early 1980’s

The handling can be compared to a ‘go-kart’ with very little suspension travel making it uncomfortable but ensuring that cornering and braking performances are maximised

The car is Motor Sport Association (MSA) Log booked and is still very immature in its event history.

First Install Enville Stages 31st May & 1st June

Driver Alan Pemberton High Peak and 061 Motor Club
Navigator Sheila Mattews Rhyl and District Motor Club/Clwyd Vale Motor Club

Alan Pemberton 0774776850 quattro – ORIGINAL 4WD RALLYING

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