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Simply get a Chris Knott car insurance quote before close of play on 31st July for the chance to WIN a 100 Amazon voucher.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274

To qualify for our special 'car clubs and enthusiasts' scheme you will need to have held a full licence for 3 years, have some bonus and be a member of this car club/forum/group.

Quotes are valid for 30 days so you can also get your August quote in July.

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You might want to drop out the plastic arch liners (front and rear), check out the state of affairs behind them and repair/re-coat as needed. I had to change my front wings quite a few years ago when the arches rotted out (they are going again, but only surface rust) and was a bit disgruntled to note that the coating and the galv had failed behind the rears when I removed them last year. Caught in time to prevent any actual perforation but bad enough to leave marked pitting.

The area behind the rear wheels is the only part that is starting to show signs of real corrosion. Need to catch it before next winter or it will be gone.

Mechanically mine is still remarkably good considering the work it's done and it's used more or less daily. It's done nearly 1000 miles in the last two weeks. Still good on juice too. Well over 50mpg in this warmer weather.


Share a pic of your car on one of our social media pages and you could win a great prize.

As a specialist car insurance broker, Chris Knott Insurance works with many of the UK's car clubs, forums and enthusiast groups, insuring both classic cars and modern/modified vehicles. However, we don't often get to see the lovely cars that are so important to you and the car community.

You can change all that and maybe win a prize in the process...

This Summer we're inviting you to post a photo of your car on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (whether you're a Chris Knott client or not) and show us what you've got.

In return you'll have the chance to WIN a huge bundle of AutoFinesse car cleaning/detailing products - full details at

It's really simple! Just post your pic on one of our social media pages. Here are the specific instructions for each of the 3 main platforms (all our accounts are @ChrisKnottIns):

COMMENT "#ShowAndShine" on our post at the link below and ADD your car photo. Please LIKE our page and SHARE the post.

REPLY "#ShowAndShine" on our post at the link below and ADD your car photo. Please FOLLOW our page and RETWEET the post.

Post your car pic ON YOUR OWN ACCOUNT and TAG @ChrisKnottIns in the picture itself. Then COMMENT using the tag #ShowAndShine. Please FOLLOW our account.

Of course we'll be watching throughout and enjoying seeing your cars but after 31st August 2019 we'll start the shortlisting process to whittle down the entries to a final few for consideration. Then we'll pick the overall winner of this fantastic detailing prize.
I am unable to refuel my B4 Coupe quattro. The flap is locked and I cannot refuel. The doors lock but not as smoothly as before. Could it be the vacuum pump or a break in the airline? Shock

Can I disable the system, fuse/relay or something so I can still use the vehicle..
Just wondering what my options are for connecting power steering to a 1994 Audi 90 which had a 2.8L V6 and now has a 1.8T engine mounted in it. I assume I will need custom lines since it looks like the V6 had it's PS pump on the opposite side as the 1.8T. Are there lines with correct fittings to the steering rack that interface nicely with the 1.8T? Or is it going to need to be custom all the way?
Not quite the same thing but there is a Audi specialist close to me with an early S6 ('95 IIRC) Avant on approx 180k miles and he wants 8k for it.

It's pretty sound, runs well and has recently had (correct) new front wings but is not mint by any means. I am sorely tempted (it's white which would make a nice counter to my black 2.5TDI) but just too much money I think.

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to reply. Below some responses to your comments and questions

Find another garage. They don't know what's wrong and want you to pay for their guesswork.

Yup, the electrician certainly doesn't seem to have any answers - but he does at least admit that (cold comfort when you must foot the bill)

There is unlikely anything wrong with the sensors if the light isn't going off after first coming on.

Oddly enough, I thought this also - although my own suspicions were based on the observation that the light goes on - and remains so - yet the wheels haven't turned... so the sensors can't have taken a reading(?)

The changeover was 1993.

Oh! ok. So my car wasn't manufactured during any nebulous 'crossover' period then. Good to know.

ECU is under the rear seat - what's the number from that?
Under the rear seat? Oh. I read somewhere that with an Avant, it's located near the wheel arch. I've certainly seen something which resembles an ECU there. I don't currently have the car to hand, but once it's back, I'll have a good poke around again - and confirm the part number.

There is a fuse in the main fusebox for abs and a few other circuits.

Jesus, I'd hope the electrician had thought to check the fuses - please God, tell me he did! At some point down the years, the sticker peeled off the fusebox cover so I had to refer to online pics - but then failed to see the listing for fuse 31: ABS. I'll check that asap. I've also heard tell of an ABS relay with integral fuse located under the rear passenger seat...?

Does the abs pump run it's self test?

I believe this is audible(?) I haven't heard anything
I have listed my Audi 80 Cabriolet for sale on ebay.

(Moderator, I will remove this link if required.)

500 ono. No MOT.Buyer collects.
wanted Avant S2 roof lineing
Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Your I feel your pain comment made me laugh - thanks for that! Thing is, my speakers are utterly shot: the foam rings have disintegrated entirely. Looks like aftermarket drivers are in order - hopefully Ill make sense of the wiring one way or another, but it would have been good to keep the original grilles: new ones will inevitably sit proud and push into the rear seats.
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Recent testimonials from satisfied Chris Knott clients...

"I've been with Chris Knott for a few years now. They have been great value and their customer service is also very good." Kat Miller, DelSol UK

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what, no one has a connection circuit for unloading relays ???
Hi Everyone and Good Afternoon, Now that the weather is improving I am just commissioning my Trusty Audi (well usually trusty) as she has just started losing power intermittantly at speed or even just coasting in traffic and if i take my foot off the accelerator and re-accelerate she picks up again immediately an annoying problem to say the least as I have spent quite a bit of time trying to rectify this (swapped out pedal sensor, replaced all vacuum pipes and fuel filter and the N75 valve) I think its boost as like I have mentioned taking my foot of the accelerator and the re applying pressure gets her to pick up again. Does anyone have experience of this problem and/ or know what i can do to resolve it ?

Regards Andy - Many Thanks in Advance
I noticed the other day that the courtesy light was not working as normal. The usual activation when removing the ignition key was not operating. The bulb was fine as you could switch it on manually. Is there a timer somewhere, maybe in the roof panel? Question
More members set to benefit from Chris Knott service...


Insurers have relaxed their rules under our car clubs and enthusiasts offering which means we should be able to help more of you get a better car insurance deal.

We'll still be applying common sense to our quotes but there'll no longer be hard and fast minimum driver age restrictions on models. Instead we'll be assessing risks on a case by case basis - looking for relevant driver and vehicle experience.

The Chris Knott scheme via this forum rewards safer drivers and we think there are more of you on the car club and enthusiasts scene than anywhere else in the UK.

All drivers must have held a full UK licence for at least 3 years and have 2 years NCB to use (gained on the quoted vehicle or another that can be mirrored across inc. company car).

We can now quote if you've had a fault claim as long as it was at least 12 months ago. Even if you have had a fault claim in the last 12 months, if the cost was under 2k we can still help.

If you can comply with these few criteria, there's a strong chance that Chris Knott will be your best option for car insurance this year.

Please put us to the test by calling 0800 917 2274 for a quote when your renewal falls due. Don't forget to mention this club/forum which will be your ticket to accessing this special car clubs and enthusiasts scheme.

Alternatively, you can complete contact details at and we'll call you.

Thanks, I actually found out myself. Fitted the updates and all works well.
Very Happy
Happy New Year!

And the winner is... Mr M Woods - a member of Volvo Owners Club.

We hope to post a pic on social media, of the happy winner using his Karcher, in the coming days. You can follow us on Facebook: or Twitter:

I'd love to hear from members what you'd like us to offer as a prize in the next draw. We've offered Amazon vouchers, pressure washers, driving days, dashcams, etc in the past but do you have any fresh ideas you'd like us to consider?

As a side note, we've only been back at work for 3 days and we've already reached 31% of our January new business target - car club members and enthusiasts are using us to save money on their car insurance and it's working.

Thanks for including us when getting your quotes. We share our earnings with the club for every policy sold to a member.

Receive a quote from Chris Knott by calling 0800 917 2274 or request a callback at

Ok, so using your EXCELLENT resource, I think I've found the relevant page:

Using said page, it would appear I'm looking for

item 41 N0447282 ("socket head bolt with hexagon sockethead") M5X20

Item 44 N0439363 ("panel head screw") 4,2x32

It would appear that the last numbers identify the specific size of these items - so I now know what to search for. Thank you SO much for your help. I'm really very grateful.

have a great Christmas.


Hi all, it's been a while but I just thought I should give you a heads up that whilst ECP are quite happy to supply parts to enthusiasts/home mechanics, did you know that they will not guarantee those parts?

They will ONLY cover repair work if you can supply receipts from a VAT-registered garage, they are not interested in anything which you have fitted yourself

They will not cover the cost of any replacement parts due to a failure of their own supplied parts

They do not respond to complaints, and class it as a 'query' to avoid Regulatory action - be sure to get confirmation in writing of it being a complaint, or you will be going round and round in circles

They will take no responsibility for any failure of service

In short, I fitted a timing belt kit in July of this year to my ageing A4, the timing belt tensioner failed (seized solid) after 5,000 miles, which if I had not caught in time would have snapped the timing belt. They couldn't supply a replacement part in time (despite several promises to the contrary) so due to time constraints (and a lack of faith in their parts) I bought a belt kit from elsewhere, and also had to replace the cooling fan which had been smashed by the failed tensioner, at a material cost of 140 to me.

All ECP are interested in (after MUCH arguing) is they will refund their timing belt kit (approx 70) with no interest in my costs, time, or their customer service failures - or even the fact that they have supplied a critical part which is not fit for purpose. This is only af=ter I have sent the part off to be 'tested', which could take up to 12 weeks. A child could see that the tensioner has failed, the outer ring has moved across and wedged itself tight against the tensioner bracket, you can see the discolouration on the bearing where it has been red hot

After the amount of money I have spent with that company, I would have expected some service - you won't get it

Buyer beware.


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