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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:55 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I'm going to replicate this run through and place as a sticky at the top of this forum and the series 3 80/90 etc forum as it's been asked sooo many times before. Search guys Twisted Evil

Run through as follows,

Note: 1/ You do not have to remove handbrake grip and cover if your handbrake will pull up more than 4 clicks, any less and you will. 2/ I've shown in one of the pics of where to be carefull with the front console, if these flats that take the fixing clips break, then when re-fitted the console will hang down (if it hasn't already been broken in the past)

1/ Take out rear ashtray.
2/ Remove the 13mm bolt or alternatively the two 8mm nuts under the rear ashtray that secures the rear of the console down
3/ Remove the square cover in the recess under the handbrake, (easy out using your finger nail)
4/ Remove the 10mm (maybe 8mm, can't remember) bolt behind this.
5/ Also just above that bolt is a pozi headed screw, remove that.
6/ Unscrew your gearknob.
7/ Remove gear gaiter (the pozi screw removed above secured that)
8/ Pull on your handbrake as far as it'll go (don't try and force it too high though)
pull the rear console back a little. then lift it up. It's tight over the handbrake cover, but will go. Proper method is to remove handbrake grip, but that's a PITA,
8/ Get a good strong pair of pliers and some cardboard
9/ Fold the cardboard over the heater knobs (to protect them) and using the pliers pull the knobs off. Again they can be a bit tight.
10/ Once the three knobs are off, the black heater panel will just pull away.
11/ Behind the black panel are two screws, remove them and the panel it secures
12/ You'll now see another two screws which secure the small trim which sits just above the aux gauges, remove them and the trim.
13/ Now pull back square on the front centre console, keep it square though as you pull back or you'll run the risk of damaging the front corners. If they get damaged, when you refit it, it'll hang down and forever look pants.
14/ You should be able to now get to the bulbs in the aux gauges as the gauges come out complete with the front centre console.
15/ Twist throught 90 "anticlockwise" and pull the little black bulb holder out of the gauge. The bulb is a very small 5mm wedge fitting bulb.

Replace the bulb in each of the aux gauges. Also a good opportunity to replace the ashtray light bulb, the three heater panel bulbs and also the cig lighter bulb. New bulbs are sometime brighter, hence replacing all three guages bulbs at once.
Do this as Sods Law dictates that another one will go after you've put it all back together. All above use the same 5mm wedge bulb.

Bulbs can be had from dealers, Halfrauds, or ebay.
A good source on ebay are sellers who flog fruit machine bulbs, can get about 50 of the things for the price a dealer will charge for 10. Some of the switches on the dash take these too. On ebay search 5mm fruit machine bulbs.

Click me for bigger pic.

Click me for bigger pic.

Click me for bigger pic.

Again be carefull with the front centre console itself if you plan on removing it to gain access to aux gauge etc.

To keep it looking like this;

And avoid it looking like this;

Then be very carefull when removing the front console. Don't lift it up at the back (handbrake side) to far or you'll break the plastic tabs off that slot over the two retainer clips on each corner (arrowed, hidden from view)

Hard to explain in words, hopefully the pictures explain it better.


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