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1: In the design process, caused by defects in the structure of the doors and windows themselves

2: Caused by failure to meet quality requirements during processing and installation

3: Caused by unqualified materials and accessories

4: Caused by improper sealing treatment of the connection part with the wall of the hole

Except for the water leakage caused by the problems of the first type of doors and windows, the doors and windows must be replaced, and the other types are water leakage caused by deviations or errors in the installation process. Among these categories, the most common situations are as follows:

1. The gap between the door and window frame and the wall does not need to be sealed with sealant or the process is rough, the frame material and the wall foot body are not provided with grooves as required, sealant is not applied, and the dust on the surface of the groove is not cleaned before the glue is applied. As a result, the place becomes a weak link in waterproofing.

2. No sealant is required to seal the gaps in the frame material joints, causing water seepage at the joints.

3. The rubber sealing strip or water-blocking brush strip for installing the glass is not in place or falls off.

4. There is no gap between the frame and the wall or the filling materials do not meet the requirements, the filling is not dense, and the contact surface of the frame and the wall is not treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Some even use cement mortar to fill the joints, causing leakage due to the shrinkage of the cement mortar. At the same time, the corrosion of the aluminum alloy frame material by the cement affects the durability of the doors and windows.

5. No drain hole is left or the sealant is too thick to block the drain hole, so that rainwater in the sliding groove of the lower frame of the window cannot be drained in time, causing rainwater to seep into the room.

6. The selected material of the lower frame is too small, the cross-sectional size does not meet the standard requirements, and it is not raised as required, and some even bury the window frame in the plastering layer of the window sill, causing rainwater to easily penetrate into the room.

7. The upper part of the window does not have a drip line or eagle beak as required, and the window sill slope is too small or flooding occurs. This is also one of the main reasons for the current window seepage.

8. Before installing doors and windows, do not correct the verticality of their front sides to avoid water seepage due to the inward tilt of the window frame.

9. The frame and the wall are not firmly connected, and the structural measures are not strong. There are cracks between the frame material and the wall in contact with it, causing leakage, and at the same time burying hidden dangers for the safety of users.

10. After the doors and windows are installed, the joints between the outside of the doors and windows and the wall are not sealed, or the sealing fails.

11. For doors and windows with corners or connected forms, the upper part of the connecting rods located at the corners or connected parts is not blocked, which is likely to cause leaking rainwater to enter the room from top to bottom.
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