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aluminum windows manufacturer
Energy-saving building doors and windows refer to doors and windows whose thermal insulation performance and air environment penetration safety performance do not meet the current design curriculum standards for energy-saving building projects. Measures to improve the effect of their own thermal insulation doors and windows energy-saving policies are as follows:

1. Reasonable and correct selection of window types The types of doors and windows are divided into different types, and the energy-saving effects are also different. Generally, external wall windows have three basic forms: fixed windows, casement windows, and sliding windows.

The heat loss of fixed windows due to natural convection is very small. The thermal conductivity of the window frame and glass is the main risk factor that affects the thermal insulation performance of the entire aluminum alloy window. Reasonable use of window frames and glass packaging materials will be taken Very good thermal insulation effect.

Casement windows are usually mechanically sealed with more high-quality rubber strips. The sealing performance is very good. It is also difficult to truly form urban air convection between the window sash and the window frame. Similar to fixed windows, casement windows also have excellent performance. energy saving effect.

The sliding window pulley or sliding block push-pull method is simple and convenient to use, save network space, and can be easily disassembled. It is widely loved by consumers in China.

2. The program design of scientific knowledge node should adopt high-performance sealing technology around the heat insulation doors and windows to reduce the heat loss of polluted air and improve airtightness, watertightness, sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation and other main physical and chemical properties. At the same time, the design of sealing strips, composite profiles, drainage grooves, etc. needs to be relatively rationally planned and designed based on the surveyed local actual situation data.

3. Reasonable demand selection of reading materials cannot be based on historical architectural cultural requirements, and reasonable consumption and selection of active materials, such as aluminum alloy, heat insulation strips, glass, seals, and hardware.

4. To ensure the surface quality of the processed doors and windows, various mechanized sawing, cutting and profiling must be adopted in a timely manner during the processing of doors and windows; all connecting parts should be soaked with mortise glue; the closing part of all rubber strips should be bonded.

5. Improve the professional level of internal installation. Dry construction should be adopted for thermal insulation doors and windows, and expansion screws should be used to connect them. The contact surface of the aluminum wall should be coated with anti-corrosion materials. The gaps should be filled with green, ecological and environmentally friendly thermal insulation and sealing materials, and the exposed areas should be sealed for construction. glue.

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